Motion-Tracking Tools and Analysis Software by TEA Captiv

CAPTIV-NeuroLab: A Powerful Software Platform for Human Behavior Research

CAPTIV- NeuroLab is a scalable tool designed to flexibly accommodate each user’s unique needs for human behavior research in many different applications.

CAPTIV-NeuroLab synchronizes and collects data from multiple sources, giving researchers insights into people’s cognitive, emotional, and behavioral reactions to diverse stimuli.

CAPTIV NeuroLab is a turnkey solution, adjustable to needs in accordance with your field of action. The interface takes elements from scenario via « drag & drop », the data collection devices are « plug & play » and recording measures is automatic. Filters can be applied and in 1 click, CAPTIV-NeuroLab generates detailed and exportable graphs.

Data visualization and report options include:

  • Key metrics presented on one page
  • Number and duration of fixations by participant and by medium
  • Heatmaps for all media and areas of interest
  • Combined analysis of multimodal data: including eye-tracking, emotional/cognitive responses, and facial expressions

NeuroLab Sensors

The NeuroLab package include a wireless T-Sens GSR sensor and a T-USB receiver. Users can easily add additional data inputs, e.g. EEG headsets, facial expression analyzers, and eye-trackers.

CAPTIV – A Powerful, Flexible Software Solution

CAPTIV is a flexible tool designed to synchronize and analyze data collected from multiple sources in parallel with a video recording of the experiment, giving users detailed, comprehensive insights into human behavior.

CAPTIV flexibly fits your unique research requirements, for experiments conducted in e.g. ergonomics, or behavioral neuroscience research.

Users can use multiple sensors to collect different types of data, such as the wireless T-Sens suite of sensors, eye-trackers, electromyography (EMG) or motion sensors, Setting up experiments is fast and easy: users can drag and drop elements into their research paradigm, plug in the desired data recording devices, and data are recorded automatically. The data can be filtered, analyzed, and exported or viewed in CAPTIV-NeuroLab’s detailed charts and graphics.

Data visualization and report options include:

  • Synchronous video and sensor measurements via telemetry and/or the wireless data logger
  • Visual comparisons between images and measured events
  • Detailed observations
  • Analysis of physical performance in a given situation
  • Multimedia reports

CAPTIV Examples

CAPTIV Sensors

T-Sens Accelero

A wireless module for measuring the acceleration of an object or person. Measurements consist of linear acceleration on 3 axes (X,Y, and Z).

T-Sens ECG

A wireless module for raw ECG signal measurement.

T-Sens FSR

A wireless module for force measurement (captured by a force-sensing resistor).

T-Sens Gonio & Torsio

A wireless module for angular measurement. Flexion/extension and abduction/adduction are measured with goniometers. Torsion is measured using torsiometers.

T-Sens GSR

A wireless GSR module for measuring skin conductance (captured by two electrodes positioned at the tips of two fingers).

T-Sens GSR+T°C

A unique wireless GSR+T°C sensor combining the measurement of both skin conductance and skin temperature. The two electrodes are positioned on the tip of two fingers, and the temperature probe is at the tip of one of them.

T-Sens Inclino

A wireless module for measuring the inclination of an object or a person with reference to the vertical position. Measurements consist of 2 Euler angles (pitch and roll).

T-Sens Load Cell

A wireless module for effort measurement (push/pull) supplied with a load cell to be selected among a large variety of ranges.

T-Sens Respiration

A wireless module for measuring thoracic or abdominal movements. This module (strap is included) allows analysis of both respiration rhythm and amplitude.

T-Sens sEMG

A wireless module for surface electromyography (sEMG) measurement.

T-Sens Temperature

A wireless module for measuring skin temperature or ambient temperature.

T-Sens Universal

A wireless module for measuring one analog input. This allows interfacing with any sensor with a 0-3V analog output.


CAPTIV Receivers

Real-Time Receivers - Instant Data Reception

TEA | Tech Ergo Applications develops its own real-time receivers that allow you to record data instantly from different sensors.

TEA offers two products: the T-Log data logger which is a small, lightweight mobile device that clips onto the subject’s waist, and the T-Rec receiver which connects to a computer via USB.

The T-Log Receiver and Motion Picture Data Logger

Wireless communication between the T-Sens sensors and the T-Log data logger allows subjects to move freely.

CAPTIV’s T-Log data logger is an innovative portable data acquisition station. It is specially designed to facilitate data recordings while offering maximum reliability and subject comfort.

There are no intrusive or movement-restricting cables, simply a wireless connection between the T-Sens sensor modules and the T-Log data logger: the subject has full freedom of motion, allowing researchers to conduct experiments in real-world settings.

The T-Log’s wide touchscreen, user-friendly access menu, and CAPTIV’s intuitive analysis software make the platform ideally suited for even the most demanding research paradigms.

Lightweight and small-sized, it can be easily clipped onto a belt.

The T-Rec Receiver: A New Generation of Real-Time Receivers

The T-Rec is a real-time receiver designed by TEA | Tech Ergo Applications. This innovative interface enables synchronized acquisition of data from 1 to 16 wireless sensors (T-Sens and/or T-Motion sensors). The T-Rec receiver also has a trigger input and output allowing synchronization of the connected sensors with other user equipment.

The receiver has a range of 15 m (free field).

The T-Rec receiver is connected via USB to the CAPTIV software platform, where data can be recorded and analyzed.


CAPTIV Motion - Motion Analysis

CAPTIV Motion is a wireless transmission module for measuring a person’s or object’s orientation in space. Measures are shown as rotation quaternions. Data are transmitted in real time either to the T-Log data logger, the T-DAC module or the T-USB key.

Researchers can place multiple T-Sens motion units on a subject’s body using the optional fixation system to collect data on the subject’s motion. From these data, CAPTIV generates a 3-dimensional animated avatar of the subject for viewing and analysis.


CAPTIV Motion Analysis Example