Wearable Sensing's dry sensors are based on 's leading Dry Sensor Interface (DSI) technology.
The features of the DSI technology include:


Dry Sensors

No Skin Preparation:

Patented electronics allow high fidelity EEG signal acquisition without the need for skin abrasion or preparation

No Gels:

Ultra-high impedance amplifiers mean that DSI sensors require no gels or fluids, and consequently do not leave messy residue. All contacts are completely dry, no sticky or wet pads anywhere! This allows for irritation-free long-term recordings, without risk of drying out!

Through-Hair Operation and Comfort:

Round-ended pinned active electrodes contact scalp through-hair and provide comfortable contact.

Uncompromising Signal Quality:

Signal quality is comparable to that obtained from conventional wet electrodes, with >90% correlation.

Artifact Resistant:

Mechanical and Engineering designs eliminate motion and electrical artifacts WITHOUT the need for advanced filtering!

(read more about DSI signal quality)





Convenient Headset Designs

Rapid Set-up:

Easy-to-use headset is typically self-donned in less than 5 minutes with minimal or no adjustments needed

Even More Rapid Removal:

Easy-to-use headset is instantly taken off, and does not necessitate washing head afterwards

Ambulatory and Wireless:

Fully integrated batteries, amplifiers, digitizers, and BlueTooth transmitter allow ambulatory use

10/20 Locations:

Headsets are designed to automatically and reproducibly position sensors according to the 10/20 International System on a wide range of head-sizes.


Padding and spring loaded designs provide for long-term wearable comfort unrivaled in the field of EEG. Headsets do not require chin-straps!


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